Questions and Answers

Q: Is the app free?

A: Yes, it’s absolutely free. You can enjoy all the exiting features without having to purchase the app.


Q: Where can I get the app?

A : You can get it directly from the App Store or Google Play Store. But also through the Midlifecrisisnut App page and Midlifecrisisnut blog page which will guide you through the registration process.


Q: What’s so great about the app that I should consider getting it?

A: This app is a creation unlike many of its kind. Rarely you will see an app packed with so many exciting features in just one place. Usually, you either have a blog with articles, or a game, or live chat, or a music app, or an app especially for social media, or inspirational quotes app. Here, in one spot you get to read entertaining articles, be amused by social media entries, take a quiz, play games, listen to music, watch YouTube videos, get inspired by daily quotes about life, happiness, courage etc and even chat with me, without ever having to go beyond the app’s little icon. It’s like a mini Midlifecrisisnut world on the go, which will keep you entertained for hours guaranteed.


Q: What’s different here compared to the Midlifecrisisnut blog website?

A: Unlike the Midlifecrisisnut blog, in the app you can participate in a challenging quiz, chat with me live, listen to music, get energized by daily quotes and play games while still enjoying the articles and social media the blog has to offer. Not to mention that when the Internet goes down or you’re stranded on an island far away, left with nothing else but a mobile phone in your hand – you can still enjoy reading entertaining articles offline and laugh your head off!


Q: How many features does it have exactly?

A: In total, the app has 15 features, including: articles, profile page, 4 social media, music, quiz, live chat, daily inspiration, surprise bonus, contact page, about page, favourites page, and settings.


Q: What happens after I download the app?

A: After you sign up or log in, you’ll be immediately presented with the articles page. In the top left corner you’ll find the a square menu icon on which you can click to open up the full menu. Once clicked, the swipe menu will be on your left. All you have to do now is scroll up and down to explore various menu’s features.


Q: How can I customise my profile page?

A: You can upload your profile picture from your phone, add/change name and modify password (by clicking on the settings icon in the top right corner). Also, by clicking on the white rectangular space bar you can connect to social platforms like: Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Pinterest or Instagram in order to have instant access to your social media pages.


Q: How does the Favorites section work?

A: Whenever you like an article you can mark it with a star (for Favorites), thus adding it to your Favorites page. There you can browse easily through your favourites and even enjoy them offline.


Q: Can I read the articles offline?

A: Once an article has been downloaded online it will be available offline as well. Otherwise feel free to use the Favorites section which allows you to read selected articles offline.


Q: How does the live chat feature work?

A: You can ask questions directly without having to email me. Thanks to modern technology I’ll be notified immediately of your questions and will reply as soon as you finished typing. In case I’m offline (or just sleeping tight), a window will appear confirming that and you can still contact me the old fashioned way – via email.


Q: What’s the surprise feature?

A: Pssssst! I’m afraid I can’t tell you. But why don’t you download the app and find out for yourself!