The story behind the app

A few months ago I was a total IT virgin. I barely new what was a website and how to log in into my yahoo account. Terms such as HTML (it stands for Hot Topless Males Live, doesn’t it?), icons (it’s those church paintings, no?) or plugins (I get it, it’s like a sink plug, right?) were familiar words, but way exceeding my blonde intelligence.

However, since my hitting-the-ground I decided to turn my life around. I thought to myself: if other people can do it, so can I! Thus I dived deep into the digital ocean of modern technology and app design.

It wasn’t an easy dive, let me tell you. For somebody who’s older than the Internet, never took an IT course and used 3D templates for the first time it was quite a challenge. But then again, here comes my Leo nature: Bring it on  baby, I can handle it (even though inside I’m chicken shit and seriously doubting my coping abilities)!

I started with little steps. One night, I’ve had it with the real world and opened a fully digital blogging account. Where is all this stuff going? – I wondered when I hit the publish button for the first time. But then it appeared in cyber space and was even read by a few people. I thought – Holly smoke! People are viewing this? – so you better make sure that it looks alright.

But there was another little thing sitting in the back of my mind. Ever since I got my iPhone two years ago and saw the little icons blinking at me freshly downloaded from the App Store, I wanted one! I wanted that little image bouncing in the middle of a screen inviting you to an exciting mini world of its own bearing my name. I never really saw it used by bloggers, but that surely wouldn’t stop me. I wanted one, and when I want something, the world can turn upside down, but I will get it for sure!

And so, a few months ago, when my blog seemed to have taken a life on its own, the world didn’t turn upside down as I decided to dig into the application world and create a little mobile app by myself. To this day it was one of the most amazing journeys I ever did, designing the tiniest details of my phone gizmo with tones of pleasure and even more love.

I didn’t even stop for one second, sitting often until 4 am, with curiosity and patience (maybe less that) exploring the vast possibilities that can go inside a miniature application software. There were templates, screens and features to be designed. 3D installations and digital animations quickly filling my time while working on it. It kept me busy for months without much time off, but I enjoyed every second of designing my first ever mobile app.

I’m proud of myself to say the least, given that I wasn’t born to become a geek. I must admit I surpassed my most vivid imagination about what a person older than the Internet is capable of doing.

And while I still remain an IT virgin (I mean I didn’t have to sleep with a single member of the IT department to get where I am right now), at least I’m one who knows how to build a state-of-the-art mobile app:)

More about me and the blog at midlifecrisisnut.com.