Features portfolio

The app is packed with 15 exciting features, including: articles, social media, music, quiz, live chat, daily inspiration, surprise bonus, about page, contact page and settings. Have a look at the detailed features here:


Thanks to an integrated in-sync compound, articles from the Midlifecrisisnut blog are automatically updated and featured in the app. You can enjoy reading them online, or once they’re downloaded even offline. Take Midlifecrisisnut on the go – wherever you go!


Here’s the place to upload your profile picture, add name and modify your password. Also, you can connect to social platforms like: Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Pinterest or Instagram ( by clicking on the white rectangular space bar) in order to have instant access to your social media pages.


Be entertained by Facebook entries directly from the Midlifecrisisnut account, including animal and retro housewife humour, and so much more.


Get access to the Twitter world of Midlifecrisisnut and enjoy hilarious or intriguing tweets on the go.


Have a peek behind the scenes of Midlifecrisisnut life. See Paris, Deauville, Normandy and the rest of France through Abby’s eyes.


Listen to music on the go. Choose your favourite tracks of Ludovico Einaudi and other world famous artists .


Enjoy live streams of Paris and rest of France directly from Abby’s Midlifecrisisnut YouTube channel.

Live Chat

Feel free to ask me any questions about the app, the Midlifecrisisnut blog or whatever else comes to your mind. I’ll be happy to answer them instantly. If it happens that I’m offline (or just sleeping tight), you will still be given the option of sending me a good old-fashioned email in order to contact me.


I bet you always dreamed of taking the midlife quiz, didn’t you? I mean, since it can quite a confusing time of our lives, it would be good to know if we indeed have a midlife crisis or not:) But don’t worry, in the worst case scenario Midlifecrisisnut is there to help.


In this section you receive a daily quote to inspire, motivate or simply energise you. You can browse the growing collection (including quotes on happiness, courage, hope, love, success, midlife etc) by scrolling up or down the page. Use these powerful clusters of wisdom to get encouraged, inspired, cheered up, infused with hope or simply to brighten up your day!


Be surprised! This feature will entertain you for hours without end. Once completed it will open up a whole world of endless entertainment, right there in Midlifecrisisnut app.


Any question you always wanted to ask me but felt a little bit shy? You’re in the right place to email me with your inquiry.


This feature explains how it all started and what Midlifecrisisnut is all about.


Mark articles with a star and they will be automatically added to your Favorites page. This way you don’t have to shuffle through all the articles in search of your favourite one. Plus, by doing so you can enjoy reading them offline.


Here’s the place to contact support, recommend the application or connect to external services like Facebook and Twitter.